Business Story

Business Problem

One of our manufacturing clients has team of over 400 member of IT staff supporting various IT related support activities. The client has depleting IT budget year-on-year with increasing demand for IT services from the business.

FlatMind Solution

This seems to be a common problem in most of the organizations these days, we came up with an innovative solution to address our clients IT demand

Our systematic approach to solve a problem

1. Our team of technical experts reviewed our clients IT portfolio for a possible consolidation.
2. Consolidated systems by technology platform
3. Consider upgrades to the existing technology platforms (new technologies) for enhanced capabilities and retired old legacy systems
4. Increased reporting efficiency using Business Objects
5. Reduced application portfolio from 1200 legacy applications to 480 agile and flexible applications for future business demands


1. Business was able to support the 2-fold increased demand with the same IT staff
2. Less system failure or production problems due to new technological upgrades
3. Reduced 60% IT portfolio
4. Savings of over $2million IT spend

Our Contacts

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Rochester - 14606, USA
Phone: +1-585-368-5628
Fax: +1-585-203-9230
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