Core Values

We breathe, live and practice these core values across our organization. Every employee of our organization understands these core values and knows what it means to our business.

Positive customer experience is our business driver

We strive to deliver excellent service to our customers by delivering best-in-class software application solutions. Our flexibility blends with best trained software engineers with domain expertise makes all the difference in delivering software solutions to our customers

Value creation through partnership

FlatMind was founded in 2007 on three core principles; Technology, Innovation, and Partnership. We believe in these core principles that drive business value, constant innovation, and a sense of trust in partnership. We are in the constant process of shaping our organization to address the change in market demands that changes our client needs.

We believe in focusing on core competencies that enables us to create niche, quality of services and long lasting business relationships. Our focused areas are in SAP, Microsoft .NET/SharePoint, IBM Lotus Notes, Software Testing, and Project Management consulting.

We deliver our services based on project or based on T&M depending on our client needs. In this process, we also advise our customers the best possible approach in delivering a solution or service; our approach is always a win-win strategy.

FlatMind management team brings over 60 years of cumulative experience in managing large scale IT engagements in US. We value our client business needs and make every attempt to improve our customer´s efficiency, productivity and optimal usage of IT budgets.

We adopt and explore technology faster than our customers

We constantly train our consultants/employees on latest technologies to offer best-in class breed technology solutions to our customers. Our thrust in finding solutions to real business problems keeps us to explore new technologies, adopt new techniques, helps to solve real business problems.

We innovate in solving customer problems

Our expertise across various industries, geographical spread across US, LATAM, and India to pool best in class brains in solving most challenging real word business problems. We work with customers in advising the best technology tools available in the market; help them to customize solutions. Our expertise in ERP, Database management, Middleware tools, and ecommerce solutions helps to solve complex business problems.

Organizational culture is the first page in our process manual

Focusing on building and sustaining an organizational culture is one way of showing that people are the organization's most valuable asset. The organizational culture gives employees a sense of identity with the company and provides an overall objective. We believe that culture has been characterized as 'glue' that holds the organization together. Our culture is focus on quality, innovation, and empowerment.

Our service guarantee creates guaranteed business

We guarantee our quality of service, and we know that guaranteed quality of services guarantees our business

We are open 24x7

We are a global company and we follow the sun. With operations in US, Latin America, and India, literally our team available round the clock helping our customers

Our Contacts

FlatMind Technologies Inc.
687,Lee Road Suite: 212
Rochester - 14606, USA
Phone: +1-585-368-5628
Fax: +1-585-203-9230
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