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Success and Failure of many businesses entirely depend on consistent delivery of quality products according to the specifications within budget and in the provided time frame. The main player in this context is the Project Manager whose skills and expertise are critical for ensuring that the deliverables are accomplished as planned.

Since managing a project efficiently is an essential key to the success of the project as well as the growth of the organization in this competitive world, it is important that project be led by a experienced and skilled project manager.

FlatMind has a pool of PMI certified project managers, trained Business Analysts, Project Coordinators, and Project Management Trainers across all regions of US and India. Our commitment to quality ensures the seasoned project managers are available at very reasonable competitive rates.

Selection of Professionals for Staffing Needs

Recruiting team at FlatMind focuses on professionals who are highly specialized and tailored for the project management. Pool of exceptional professionals at FlatMind is filtered through a rigorous selection process. Before becoming a part of FlatMind, our professionals go through a series of comprehensive interviews with background checks which lets us identify their talents, skills and capabilities. Once a part of FlatMind professional team, they are constantly given training to update their skills to meet the demands of fast changing market.

FlatMind has a proven track record of satisfied clients who come back to us for further staffing needs. FlatMind is aware of clients' need of professional who can quickly adapt to clients' project environment. Thus, before staffing clients' project with our professionals, a final internal interview is conducted to ensure the resource is the right fit for clients' project and organizational culture.

Continuous Professional Development

Professionals at FlatMind are constantly educated about the new technologies and tools available in the market to ensure that client get the tools, capabilities and expertise needed to succeed.

FlatMind is committed to career advancement and put an emphasis on professional development. We ensure that all of our professionals have industry standard credentials, technical expertise and the soft skill abilities they need to be successful in ever-growing market demands in the economic scenario.

Our internal training academy offers us the ability to educate our professionals on the cutting edge of technology and methodology. Through internal training academy, we train our professional for certifications. As a PMI® certified Registered Educational Provider, FlatMind is committed to educational development of the professionals.

Get in Touch with Us for All your Needs

Whether you need just one professional staff or entire team for project success, FlatMind will provide you the right match to augment your needs. Email us to discuss more about your needs and our solutions.

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