• FlatMind Project Management Training Course will satisfy the 35 contact hour formal training, a requirement set by PMI for the PMP application process.
  • Training course is offered with two main objectives: (1) to sharpen the skill set of the project managers at all levels and (2) to prepare the project managers for the certification examination.
  • Present training course is based on the new 4th Edition Project Management Body of Knowledge. The course material includes all the recent update made at the Project Management Institute to provide the up-to-date information regarding the management skills.

The Project Management Program Training Course is intended to enhance and enrich the skill set of project managers at any level. In addition the training course also prepares the participant for the intended certification examination offered by Project management Institute.

The training course acquaints students with a broad basic overview of project management, and the role of a project manager throughout the primary processes of managing projects. It provides a comprehensive coverage of all the five areas of project management along with introduction and social responsibility. This is a 40-hour course provided over a period of five days, each being eight hours in duration.

Topics are divided into three sections which will cover all the six areas of project management as reflected on the PMP exam

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Monitoring and Control
  • Project Planning
  • Project Closure
  • Project Execution
  • Professional Responsibility & Ethics

Different Workshops

1 day Workshop | 2 day Workshop | 3 day Workshop | 4 day Workshop | 5 day Workshop

One-day workshops on specific project management areas

FlatMind specializes in providing short duration courses designed to focus on specific project management areas. Below are some of the fast track courses:

  • Risk management
  • Building High-Performing Teams
  • Managing and Controlling Portfolio Performance
  • Managing global teams
  • Measuring Project Management Performance
  • Project Management for Executives
  • Project Audit & Recovery

Course Outline

The workshop course will teach

  • Definition of "project management".
  • About the context of modern project management.
  • How to manage projects throughout the six major process groups.
  • How to develop an effective project plan.
  • How to gain commitment to the project plan.
  • How to efficiently execute the project plan.
  • How to minimize or eliminate scope creep.
  • How to organize and develop successful project teams.
  • How to develop an effective project control system.
  • How to develop realistic project schedules.
  • How to efficiently close out a project.

After the course, participants will gain the ability to

  • Explain what project management is.
  • Understand how the project manager functions in a functional, matrix, and projectile type organization.
  • Explain the five project management processes and the role of the project manager within these processes.
  • Understand and apply different concepts learned.
  • Develop a basic project plan.
  • Develop work breakdown structures which organize and define the total scope of a project
  • Develop a project schedule using PERT diagrams.
  • Understand the importance of the project schedule's critical path.
  • Organize project teams using organizational breakdown structures.
  • Know when and how to conduct efficient project status review meetings.
  • Apply basic project scope management techniques, including introductory configuration management techniques.
  • Apply basic project risk management techniques.
  • Ensure commitment to the project through the use of participative management.
  • Conduct a lessons learned review at the end of a project.


There are no perquisites for this course, nor is it necessary to have prior project management experience. This training course is recommended for anyone interested in adding project management skill set to their portfolio or to enrich their project management or to prepare for project management certification exam.

Intended Audience

The training course material is designed for individuals who wish to improve their project manager skills as well as individuals who are interested in taking the PMP® exam.

Awarded Certificate

Participant will be awarded a certificate of completion in Project Management including the PDUs upon successful completion of the course.

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