FlatMind is leader in designing, building, testing, and deploying Microsoft.NET solutions. We have successfully provided services and support to business critical applications for our clients. Our experienced, certified, and inexpensive consultants can helps you to build applications on schedule, with in the budget, and without compromising the quality. FlatMind offers its excellent services in

  • Consulting Services
  • Architecture Services
  • Development Services
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Maintenance Services

Consulting Service

FlatMind Microsoft .NET Consulting services help you support your infrastructure and maximize business efficiencies

  • Get your software solution up and running quickly with limited-scope installation, configuration, skills transfer, and proof-of-concept engagements.
  • Gain access to FlatMind deep technical and product skills.
  • Minimize risk by exploiting best practices, repeatable processes, and proven experience.
  • Speed your time to market, while decreasing your solution's time to value.
  • Get a detailed report with recommendations specific to your business

Assess your application needs to maximize the value of your software solutions, applications need to be modernized over time. FlatMind .NET consultants through our .NET Consulting Services can review your software solutions to show you how you can stay ahead of the technology curve. FlatMind .NET consultants evaluate your application infrastructure to determine how your applications can best exploit open industry standards. Our consultants can mentor your technical team on various latest .NET technologies, .NET tools and best practices.

Architecture Services

Team with FlatMind .NET architects to get architecture and design skills to build a robust and scalable solution

  • Take advantage of FlatMind deep, technical skills to develop a detailed architecture and design for your Microsoft .NET software solution.
  • Assess the feasibility of your design through prototypes or pilot engagements.
  • Get best-practices advice about infrastructure, migration and performance considerations.
  • Map functional requirements to the core capabilities of your software solution.

Our .NET architecture services offers a range of comprehensive services to help ensure the success of your Microsoft .NET software project – and to help minimize your risk. FlatMind .NET architects can help you

  • Define your project scope.
  • Review and validate solution design.
  • Assess the feasibility of a design through a prototype or pilot engagement.
  • Develop a detailed architecture and project plan.
  • Provide detailed estimates.
  • Identify skills enablement needs.
  • Address infrastructure, migration and performance considerations.

Our .NET architects have a proven approach to help assess your staff´s on demand business services and support needs. By combining the intellectual capital of your employees with the critical technical skills from FlatMind .NET architecture services and our Microsoft .NET architects, you can create a team that understands the complexities of the technology that runs your business. FlatMind .NET architecture services can help you identify skill gaps and recommend the right training to empower your resource.

.NET Development Services

FlatMind .NET development services can help you develop and deploy your .NET software solution. We have expertise in migration of legacy applications to .NET platform. Our migration methodology and implementation plan completes migration projects successfully. Take advantage of comprehensive migration services, including skills enablement and application conversion, designed to minimize your risk. We leverage infrastructure services in installation, configuration, system security, scalability, and availability.

Offshore .Net Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Microsoft .Net development to FlatMind allows you to focus on your core and can provide services at fraction of the cost. Outsourcing can provide a smooth, predictable funding model for Microsoft .Net upgrades, expansions and consolidations. With service levels for availability, stability and functionality, we manage Microsoft .Net day-to-day complexity and reduces the need to re-skill your team with new Microsoft .Net enhancements. Outsourcing to FlatMind delivers the right skills at the right time and at the right cost. It expands your staff´s capabilities and expertise. Our experienced .Net consultants provides on-job-training, problem solving skills, and best practices implementation.

Offshore services we offer include:

  • Provide expertise for Proofs of Concept to respond to complex customer requirements
  • Review your solution architecture and design
  • Provide migration assistance: Software versions or total solutions
  • Provide installation and configuration workshops
  • Enhance your testing best practices and performance best practices knowledge
  • Provide software stack validation and testing
  • Provide porting recommendations

.NET Maintenance - Microsoft .NET Support Services

FlatMind .NET Support & Maintenance Services can provide the skills and expertise you need to ensure the health of your company´s application environment. You can leverage our leading-edge Microsoft .NET Support and Maintenance Services to help you review and maintain business-critical systems.

Microsoft .NET maintenance and support service we offer include:

  • Help you to maintain your Microsoft .NET software solution by assessing your application environment.
  • Offer you deep technical skills to deliver a comprehensive review of your solution architecture and deployment.
  • Provide you with best practices guidance to ensure your Microsoft .NET software solution continues to run smoothly.

SharePoint Assessment, Planning, & Governance

Microsoft SharePoint is a versatile technology platform. It can used to accomplish a number of key functions in the enterprise ranging from document management and collaboration to website content management. While the platform is relatively easy for end-users to learn, it takes comprehensive SharePoint expertise to plan, design, architect, and deploy a SharePoint solution that meets the business needs.

Using FlatMind SharePoint Assessment methodology, our technical team develops a logical plan to help your organization maximize the business value driven from a SharePoint investment. During an assessment our team will interview key client executives and managers to learn about the business and current challenges, analyze functional business needs, assess current technology investments, map business needs to the SharePoint feature set, and plan for the full SharePoint implementation effort. Our technical team can evaluate the existing SharePoint environment and provides a detailed report on the current environment.

The Assessment commonly covers the following areas:

  • Understand organization structure, how it spread across the globe, number of employees, and business to build a comprehensive implementation plan
  • Understand and analyze existing technical team skills and technology to implement SharePoint infrastructure
  • Match key business initiatives to SharePoint capabilities and generate a roadmap to deliver a high-value solution
  • Analyze the existing, relevant IT infrastructure and corporate information architecture relative to an initial SharePoint feature set
  • Prioritize and plane additional features for future deployment considerations
  • Understand SharePoint content permissions, workflows, and self-service functionality

FlatMind will work with your organization to develop unique SharePoint Governance Blueprint. The SharePoint Governance Blueprint encompasses the set of processes, roles, and responsibilities that your organization establishes to direct and control how it will use SharePoint to accomplish relevant business objectives. We are specialized in building the customized blue print to suite to your business needs.

SharePoint Implementation

FlatMind leverages SharePoint to improve business productivity and efficiency thus positively impacting both revenue and earnings for our clients. SharePoint provides built in solutions and a development platform that is tightly integrated with Windows Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), Active Directory, the .NET Framework, Performance Point Services and SQL Server. SharePoint's portal, collaboration, searches, and content management features can provide value across all departments of the enterprise.

Our proven implementation methodology provides a comprehensive SharePoint solution to any give industry. The technology team can implement SharePoint and develop the custom functionality and integration points with other enterprise systems.

FlatMindh has implemented SharePoint as a platform for numerous complex client enterprise intranets, extranets, business intelligence solutions, customized business applications and public websites. We have expertise in the architecture, implementation, customization, extension, user interface design, and adoption of SharePoint.

We have experience and expertise in building custom SharePoint applications combined with .NET development, Performance Point Services, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, SQL Analysis Services, and SQL Integration Services.

We have a proven set of SharePoint implementation best practices to ensure your solution meets both near and long-term needs. We carefully analyze the implementation objectives, environment, and management to define configuration options, data security requirements, departmental, group, team and personnel structuring, and key reporting requirements.

SharePoint Migration

FlatMind has knowledge and experience in migrating organizations from previous versions of SharePoint and Content Management Server to the most recent SharePoint release. In addition, we have helped clients migrate from, and co-exist with, other technologies including Lotus Notes, Plumtree, AquaLogic, and Documentum. Our SharePoint migration consultants design the migration path, from strategy through implementation, and ensure a trouble-free and successful migration.

Our team is experienced with third-party migration. If your organization is looking to move from an older or competitive technology to Microsoft SharePoint, FlatMind is the partner that can enable and deliver a successful migration.

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