Pay Data Extractor

Pay Data Extractor (PDE) is an extractor engine that connects the elements of pay data to process a payroll. In simple terms, the system aggregates data from employee work days (or timesheet data), benefits information, insurance data (health, dental, vision), short-term, long-term, and life insurance details, leave data, employee incentives or bonuses, and any other specific benefits that need to be included in order to process payroll. This data collected from many different enterprise systems or tools contains data leakages, errors, and other omissions that can be costly to any organization. The PDE (PayDataExtract) solution specifically addresses these problems by connecting the different enterprise systems, processing the data and then generating a report that becomes an input to the payroll processing team or agency.

Inventory Track Management

Simple and Powerful SAP app to track, update your inventory information in your enterprise servers with your handheld mobile devices.


QUTE Business Intelligence stands for Quick Route to Business Intelligence which accelerates the data deployment and integration with any existing data warehouse and business intelligence possible by entirely user self-service web portal. This will reduces lot of manual effort that is most commonly prevalent in the industry. Automating the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence deployment and integration unleashes end users flexibility to bring lot of data into the organization with more meaningful insights into it.

The QUTE Business Intelligence product takes in all kinds of data that users might have and helps to migrate it into a structured DB and then tie that into predefined, configured and secured Business Intelligence application; all using a very easy to use web application by the user himself for routine tasks. The specialists in Business Intelligence or a data scientist can better spend his time by sifting through more advanced patterns and deliver expert insights. Self-service analytics will play complimentary role in the organizations along with traditional Business Intelligence setup.

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